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IMTD-East Opening

Dr. Avi Mozes-Carmel, an Israeli and US citizen, has agreed to be Chairman and CEO of a new Israeli NGO to be located in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has a law degree and a PhD in Conflict Resolution, and is very dedicated to building a more peaceful Israel and a more peaceful region.

The Israeli government has restrictions on the launch of international NGOs, therefore this is an entirely Israeli enterprise. This said, IMTD-East follows IMTD principles and IMTD staff in the US work closely with IMTD-East.

In late November 2012, the Ministry of Justice approved the creation of IMTD-East and the offices have been open since February 2013. Thanks to Dr. Mozes-Carmel and the IMTD team for their great efforts in making this possible. The process of inducting Jews, Muslims, and Christians on the IMTD-East board is in progress.