Effective Communication Training

Communication happens constantly. Verbal and non-verbal communications form the basis of human interactions. To these interactions, we come with habits of language, style, culture and approach. These allow for misunderstandings, and building frustration often resulting in conflicts – at work, in our families and partnerships. Our effective communication training will give you the opportunity to see those habits clearly and anew. The tools you will learn and practice will allow you to better understand yourself and others and to constructively shape the interactions in your life.

What is IMTD's Effective Communication Training?

One-day and two-day intensive courses in Effective Communication in which participants:
  • learn to distinguish effective and ineffective ways of communicating,
  • reflect on their personal communication styles and habits,
  • are provided with practical communication tools and methods*,
  • practice and apply tools and methods of effective communication to their own lives and
  • develop their emotional intelligence.

*based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and others

Who will benefit?

  • Organizations, looking to increase the problem-solving and teamwork capabilities of their employees.
  • Professionals, looking to improve work interactions with individuals or teams
  • Individuals, seeking to improve their ability to build and maintain fulfilling personal relationships
  • Any person wishing to increase his/her ability to manage personal conflicts

Take-away skills

Participants will leave with:
  • Effective Communication structure and tools
  • Awareness of personal communication patterns
  • The competency to make clear requests in order to fulfill personal goals

Two-day workshops may include additional training in:

  • Empathy
  • Cross-cultural communication and sensitivity
  • Non-verbal cues and communication


Why IMTD-East?

As a leading institute in conflict resolution, the Institute for Multi Track Diplomacy draws from a wide variety of research and 20 years of practical experience in the field of communication and conflict resolution. Especially relevant in this context is the knowledge on interactions, dynamics and communication patterns that lead to conflicts and to their resolution. This expertise forms the basis for our training in Effective Communication, which provides participants with an understanding of the systemic approach to conflict resolution of the IMTD East Institute.