60 Hour Mediation Training

Be Certified by Three Conflict Resolution Institutions in Seven Days

June 23-30, 2013

The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy East (IMTD-East), in conjunction with Silpar (Israel) Ltd. - Center for Mediation and Training, and the Center for Conflict Resolution at Salisbury University (CCR), offers a unique 60-hour mediation certification in English. This highly interactive training is designed to acquaint adult learners with the philosophy, concepts, process model and specific behavioral skills needed to have a working knowledge of the role of a neutral mediator.

Navigate Conflicts. Reach Solutions. Become a Mediator.

60 hour mediation certification in English meeting requirements for Israel an several U.S. states.

Trained by U.S. & Israeli mediation experts:
  • Dr. Avraham Mozes-Carmel, President of IMTD-East
  • Dr. David Silvera, Director of Silpar Center for Training and Mediation
Mediation Certification
IMTD-East uses a systems based-approach to conflict resolution. The work of mediators entails exploring the web of interconnected interests, activities, and stakeholders involved in a conflict, to encourage work towards common goals. These webs consist of complex dynamics that can be comprehensively analyzed through a system-based approach. Our field-tested method of Multi-Track Diplomacy is a conceptual process for examining complex conflict scenarios and identifying possible scenarios for resolution as they pertain to the particular system. The IMTD-East conceptual lens regards all levels of society and will be applied to multi-party mediation scenarios; this will increase a mediator's ability to analyze and navigate complex mediations.

The course material is presented through a variety of modalities including lecture, discussion, demonstration, small group activities and exercises, and participant role-plays with instructor and peer feedback. The concepts and skills taught in this training are easily transferable and are designed to improve communication and enhance relationships in all settings.

By the end of the 60 contact hours participants will:
  • Understand the principles and practical uses of mediation as one model for dispute resolution
  • Understand the processes and procedures of mediation practice through the 8 stages of the mediation model
  • Perform basic and advanced mediation and facilitation communication skills
  • Understand psychological considerations in mediation
  • Utilize tools and techniques for mediation for dealing with power imbalances, the dynamics of co-mediation, and management of heightened emotional climates
  • Understand the application of mediation to local law
  • Gain understanding of the application of skills through role-play mediations



June 23, 8-­18:00
June 24, 8-­18:00
June 25, 8-­18:00
June 26, 8-­18:00
June 27 8-­18:00
June 28, 8-­13:00
June 30, 8-­18:00


The Chess House
26 Tagore St., Ramat Aviv

Space is limited.

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