IMTD-East Certification for Mediators

Mediators are key professional actors in the process of resolving conflicts. Scenarios range from two-party disputes to complex social conflicts, which include many parties and multiple interest groups. The work of mediators entails exploring the web of interconnected interests, activities, and stakeholders to work towards common goals. These webs consist of complex dynamics that can be comprehensively analyzed through a system-based approach.

Multi-Track Diplomacy is a conceptual process for examining complex conflict scenarios and identifying possible scenarios for resolution as they pertain to the particular system. The IMTD-East conceptual lens regards all levels of society and will be applied to multi-party mediation scenarios; this will increase a mediator's ability to analyze and navigate complex mediations.

Mediators will leave the training with an applicable understanding of the IMTD nine-track Model and their role as Track two Diplomacy conflict resolution professionals.

In the workshop, we examine conflict dynamics and resolution as it pertains the 9 tracks:
  • Governments
  • Business
  • Research, Training, and Education
  • Peace Activism
  • Religion
  • Media and Public Opinion
  • Funding
  • Conflict Resolution Professionals


IMTD Methodology

The certification is delivered through professional instruction as well as participatory engagement. Small-group work and simulations are designed so that participants may practice analyzing complex situations of social conflict and enhance multi-party mediation skills. Debrief following simulation exercises allows for an in-depth learning experience.

Take-Away Skills

  • Understanding of the systems-based approach to conflict resolution
  • Becoming adept in a cutting-edge addressing to multi-party conflicts
  • Identification of relative sources of power and stakeholders in complex conflicts
  • Applied tools for multi-party mediations



Ambassador John W. McDonald and Dr. Louise Diamond founded The Institute for Multi-track Diplomacy in 1992. IMTD-East is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and is the sister organization of IMTD, based in the USA. The mission of IMTD-East is to promote a systems-based approach to peacebuilding, and facilitate the transformation of deep-rooted social conflicts through education, conflict resolution training and communication.