Current IMTD Programs


Since 1990, IMTD has conducted 12 trainings with the Tibetan Government, most recently in Bangalore, India in January 2013.


IMTD's main current activities in India include establishing a Peace Corridor between Sikh shrines across the Indo-Pak border and being actively involved in solving the Kashmir conflict.


In 2001, NGO's from Nepal approached IMTD to help with the issue of the Maoist insurgency. Since then, we have provided two trainings there and are looking forward to establish further projects in the fields of conflict resolution and trauma healing.


IMTD has been helping to facilitate and support the Niger Delta Peace Forum (NDPF) by proposing to train 100 NDPF members conflict resolution, group facilitation and leadership skills.

I am One in a Billion

IMTD has launched the I Am One in a Billion campaign, aimed at mobilizing one billion people across the world to persuade their governments to take action to prevent the Global Climate Change Crisis. We are working for increased citizen participation around issues regarding climate change and- through helping citizens contact their leaders- increased government action. The I Am One in a Billion campaign will start online and expand worldwide via multiple avenues.

Water Program

Sometimes IMTD becomes directly involved in water related problems and initiatives around the world, especially as they relate to sanitation and access to clean drinking water.

National Defense University

IMTD offers conflict resolution classes at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, with the aim of showing the participants different ways of resolving conflicts, other than those that imply military interventions.


IMTD brings people together from diverse ethnic, religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds in the greater Washington DC area. Over the years, these discussions have involved Cuba, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Israel and Palestine, Libya, South Korea, Somalia, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Model Peace

The mission of "Model Peace" is to help meet the global need for peace entrepreneurs and professional peace builders who are optimistic about global peace and international cooperation by offering an environment of negotiation and mediation, with peace as both the means and ends of dialogue.