Past IMTD Programs


IMTD has negotiated with the leadership of a leading Major League Soccer club and the Libyan Football Federation (LFF) to arrange home-and-away matches between the club and the Libyan National Soccer Team.


IMTD has been involved in Somalia since 1997, mainly by organizing a Somali Dialogue group for Somalis living in the DC area to discuss their homeland's current state and future.

Niger Delta

IMTD has been helping to facilitate and support the Niger Delta Peace Forum (NDPF) by proposing to train 100 NDPF members conflict resolution, group facilitation and leadership skills.

Sierra Leone

In 1997, IMTD carried out a 10-day conflict resolution and peacebuilding training in Sierra Leone for 30 CARE senior staff members in West Africa. This was an important moment in Sierra Leone's conflicted history, because at that point the country was peaceful. We have reinstated relations with several leaders from Sierra Leone over the years.


IMTD has been hosting a series of meetings focused on Sudan's North-South conflict and cooperated with the United States Department of State to organize project related to reconciliation and interreligious understanding.


IMTD's involvement with Tanzania is based on two different projects. Initially, IMTD was called to conduct a CR training program with 25 Tanzanians representing all nine tracks of diplomacy. These individuals took the training to heart and, with only minimal IMTD assistance, launched the Tanzanian Conflict Resolution Center following the completion of their training. This NGO continues to put on CR workshops and trainings that seek to integrate the "Tanzanian ways" of peacebuilding along with western CR theory. After the success of the first CR training, IMTD was approached by CARE. They sought training for their staff as well as IDPs they administered within Tanzania. The success of this training alongside CARE led to a lasting partnership between our organizations.


IMTD has been working with the Institute for Peace, Leadership, and Governance (IPLG) at Africa University to expand courses offered in Trauma Healing into a Master's degree and certificate program on the Topic.

Equatorial Guinea

Ambassador McDonald was invited to Equatorial Guinea to serve for the Administrative Council for the Fund for Social Development, which was established by the Government of Equatorial Guinea and that of the United States.


IMTD's involvement in Ethiopia began in 1993 with hosting a series of dialogues between Ethiopian expatriate community at our office that has led to the creation of a media project designed to promote press freedom and access in Ethiopia.

Israel and Palestine

Prior to the establishment of IMTD-East, IMTD hosted an Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue Group that provided a neutral environment for discussion, and gave the participants the opportunity to develop contacts, exchange views, explore differences, and search for common ground on sensitive issues.


In 2007, IMTD consultant Noa Davenport traveled to Rostov to do conflict resolution and peer mediation training with over 100 teachers from Chechnya and Rostov at a conference organized by Women of the Don.


Most recently, IMTD's involvement in Liberia has consisted of training the country's diplomats in Conflict Resolution in 2008-2009. In the future, we also hope to make the country to the African center of our Score For Peace program.

CARE Trainings

From 1995 to 2001 IMTD trained CARE officials in conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Jordan, and the U.S.