IMTD Publications

IMTD releases a number of print and digital publications.

Conflict Perspectives Magazine

Conflict Perspectives is the IMTD's new online peer-reviewed magazine. It publishes articles from professionals working within  or those who have come back from conflict zones. Contributors share stories of their experience, analyze the current situation, and apply to peacebuilding. By calling for contributions from different points of view and current stories on the ground, Conflict Perspectives promotes the multi-track approach to peacebuilding.


So far, IMTD has published 6 books. Our trademark publication is Multi-Track Diplomacy: A Systems Approach to Peace, which has remained in wide demand and is being translated into Chinese and Japanese.

Occasional Papers

IMTD is committed to the concrete practice of conflict resolution and we recognize that practice must be informed by well-designed theory. Through our occasional papers we have made an important contribution to multi-track diplomacy's written record.