IMTD-East maintains numerous partnerships in academia as well as with conflict resolution professionals from varied cultural and professional backgrounds.

The diverse conflict resolution expertise represented by IMTD-East's research programs drive innovative research and advocacy. Research programs function in order to bridge relationships across sectors of society in conflict. Central to these programs is the the nine track model of the IMTD, which assesses possible points of entry.

Throughout all research endeavors, IMTD-East will apply a holistic and participatory approach to assess the key variables in deep-rooted conflicts and post-conflict settings. This approach is key as it allows for the optimal identification of parties as well as a comprehensive understanding of the various causes of conflict within any context.

IMTD-East's systems based approach stipulates that conflict cannot be left solely to governmental entities, but must be expanded to include non-governmental actors, civil society and other informal channels. This expands the approach to peacemaking and peacebuilding providing a robust methodology upon which individuals, organizations, and institutions will be able to formulate ideas for comprehensive conflict transformation with a greater likelihood of long-term, sustainable peace.

IMTD East's research will be focused on
  • Advocacy
  • Social policy
  • Political strategy
  • Economics
  • Military
  • Technology
  • Culture